Recently Asked Answer Short Questions: Aug-2021

1. What would call a doctor who sells prescribed medicines? – – Pharmacist / Chemist.
2. What is the legal document protecting someone’s intellectual property? – – Patent
3. Animals with white ivory and long trunk? – – Elephant
4. How many days are added in February during a leap year? – – One.
5. How many quarters in a calendar year? – –Four
6. How many days are there in a fortnight? – – Fourteen
7. How many days are there in a week? – – Seven
8. What is the ceremony where two people get married? – –Wedding
9. How many years are there in the passage of a decade? – – Ten
10. How many years are there in a millennium? – One thousand
11. How many years does a centennial celebrate? – One hundred
12. What does a thermometer measure? – Temperature
13. How would you call people who study ancient bones, rocks and plants? – – Archaeologist
14. How would you describe an economy that is largely based on farming? – – Agricultural
15. What is the document does a student get when he completes his study at university? – –Graduation certificate
16. In addition to A, E, I, O, what is the other vowel letter? – – U
17. If someone lives in an urban area, where do they live? – – City
18. If telescopes are used to locate distant objects, what instrument is employed to magnify miniscule objects? – Microscope
19. If there are 8 black balls and 1 white ball, and I randomly pick one, which color is mostly likely to be picked? – Black
20. If you get sick, you go to see a doctor in hospital. There are different types of doctors. Some doctors deal with bones; some deal with the heart. Which doctor deal with teeth? – – Dentist

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