Recently Asked Answer Short Questions: Aug-2021

1. What would call a doctor who sells prescribed medicines? – – Pharmacist / Chemist. 2. What is the legal document protecting someone’s intellectual property? – – Patent 3. Animals […]

35-Answer Short Questions Prediction List-3: Jan-2020

101.When you react to a stimulus, is your response quick or slow? – – Quick 102.What device is used to measure a 200-meter sprint? – – Stopwatch 103.Tomorrow’s lecture has […]

50-Answer Short Questions Prediction List-2: Jan-2020

51.How many sides does a hexagon have? – – Six. 52.How many sides does a pentagon have? – – Five53.Which one would you use to describe the desert, humidity or […]

10 Frequently Asked Answer Short Question-2

1. What does this symbol represents?   2. Which is the position in company hierarchy circled? 3. What animal is displayed in image? 4. Which location the google map is […]