November” is the scariest period in the year for PTE test takers. As Pearson always implements updates in Question banks as well as scoring system.

Let’s check out 20 Most updated dictations and say “bye” to PTE as soon as possible:

  1. Career management is a very important subject.
  2. Every living thing begins as a cell.
  3. It is interesting to observe the development of language skills of toddlers.
  4. Many important policies need to be made.
  5. More research is required in the field of food science.
  6. Nutrition plays a key role in athletic performance.
  7. Our workshop is opening for all students on the campus.
  8. Population geography includes the study of demography.
  9. Scholarships are available for both local and international students.
  10. Scientists can develop new elements in the laboratory.
  11. Sugar is a solid carbohydrate which is always used in sweet food.
  12. Technological developments have changed the way we live.
  13. The degree is taught by using a mixture of lectures and seminars.
  14. The falling birth rate means the number of students dropped.
  15. The night’s sky has always involved mystery and wonder.
  16. The renowned journalism will last for half of the century.
  17. The school canteen sells a large variety of water and food
  18. The university sent exchanged students to other countries.
  19. The use of mobile phones is not permitted in the library.
  20. We are researching on the most significant challenges we are facing in society today.

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