13- Essays- Prediction List – Dec-2019

1.Large shopping malls are replacing small shops. What is your opinion on this? Do you think this is a good or bad change?

2. There are more and more situations using credit cards instead of cash. It seems that cashless society is becoming a reality. How realistic do you think it is ? And do you think it brings benefits or problems?

3. The medical technology is responsible for increasing the average life expectancy. Do you think it is a curse or a blessing?

4. Some people point that experiential learning (i.e. learning by doing it) can work well in formal education. However, others think a traditional form of teaching is the best. Do you think experiential learning is beneficial in high schools or colleges?

5. Should parents be held legally responsible for the actions of their children? Do you agree with this opinion? Support your position with your own study, experience or observations. Some universities deduct students’ work if assignment is given late. What is your opinion and suggest some
alternative actions?

6. In order to study effectively, it requires comfort, peace and time. So it is impossible for a student to combine learning and employment at the same time, because one distracts the other. Is it realistic to combine them at
the same time in our life today? Support your opinion with examples.

7. The world’s governments and organisations are facing a lot of issues. Which do you think is the most pressing problem for the inhabitants on our planet and give the solution?

8. How does the design of building affect, either positively or negatively, where people work and live?

9. Some people argue that experience is the best teacher. Life experiences can teach more effectively than books or formal school education. How far do you agree with this idea? Support your opinion with reasons and/or
your personal experience.

10. With the increase of digital media available online, the role of the library has become obsolete. Universities should only procure digital materials rather than constantly textbooks. Discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of this position and give your own point of view.

11. As cities expanding, some people claim governments should look forward creating better networks of public transportation available for everyone rather than building more roads for vehicle owning population. What’s your opinion? Give some examples or experience to support.

12. The time people devote in job leaves very little time for personal life. How widespread is the problem? What problem will this shortage of time cause?

13. Nowadays, it is increasingly more difficult to maintain the right balance between work and other aspects of one’s life, such as time with family and leisure needs. How important do you think is this balance? Why do
people find it hard to achieve?

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