Prediction List-10: Dec-2019: Read Aloud

Another administration option is to bake marijuana at a relatively low temperature to kill any dangerous
microorganisms and then allow that patient to eat it or drink it. Both of these methods of administration make
smoking the drug unnecessary. However, criticism of medical marijuana has also been raised because as a
natural plant, it cannot be patented and marketed by pharmaceutical companies and is unlikely to win
widespread medical acceptance.

Population Growth
How quickly is the world’s population growing? In the United States and other developed countries, the
current growth rate is very low. In most developing countries, the human population is growing at a rate of 3
people per second. Because of this bustling growth rate, the human population is well on its way to reaching 9
billion within lifetime.

Augustus was given the powers of an absolute monarch, but he presented himself as the preserver of
republican traditions. He treated the Senate, or state council, with great respect, and was made Consul year
after year. He successfully reduced the political power of the army by retiring many soldiers, but giving them
land or money to keep their loyalty.

Industrial Revolution
As to the Industrial Revolution, one cannot dispute today the fact that it has succeeded in inaugurating in a
number of countries a level of mass prosperity which was undreamt of in the days preceding the Industrial
Revolution. But, on the immediate impact of Industrial Revolution, there were substantial divergences among

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