35-Answer Short Questions Prediction List-3: Jan-2020

101.When you react to a stimulus, is your response quick or slow? – – Quick
102.What device is used to measure a 200-meter sprint? – – Stopwatch
103.Tomorrow’s lecture has been cancelled. If today is Tuesday, then on which day is the lecture cancelled? – Wednesday
104.What do bees collect from the center of flowers? – – Pollen

105.How many hemispheres does the equator divide the globe into? – – Two
106.What is the device that shows the time of the day according to the shadow of sunlight? – – Sundial.

107.What is the opposite of the word ‘artificial’? – – Natural
108.What is the dictionary of synonyms and antonyms? – – Thesaurus
109.What device do you use to measure your weight? – – Scale
110.What is the opposite to direction to where the Sun rises? – – West
111.Which of the following is not a means of transportation: plane, train, or car model? – – Car model
112.When something is given in a pair, how many of them are there? – – Two
113.What do meter and millimeter measure: weight or length? – – Length
114.What order is a bibliography usually listed in? – – Alphabetical order
115.What is the activity of inhalation of tobacco substance that is harmful to our health? – – Smoking.
116.If you want to read tragedies or comedies, what genre of book do you read? – – Fictions/Novels
117.What is the music that is recorded for a movie or a film? – – Soundtrack
118.What’s the color of the medal that a champion gets? – – Golden
119.What medal does a champion gets? – – A gold medal
120.What financial institution do people usually go to to save money? – – Bank
121.Where do people go to watch sports or games? – – Stadium
122.What are the two holes in your nose that you use to breathe? – – Nostrils
123.Which part of a birds’ body is used for flying? – – Wings
124.Which part of the body do mammals use to feed their next generations? – – Breast
125.What material are windows made of? – – Glass
126.What is the job title for of someone who works at the beach and save people’s lives when they are in danger in the sea? – – Life savers
127.When a person’s Blood Alcohol Content is higher than the standard range, what activity are they not allowed to do? – – Driving
128.What do we call a car that uses two types of fuels? – – A hybrid car
129.What sense are your ears used for? – – Hear
130.When you have the primary, and the secondary, what do you have next? – – Tertiary
131.What kind of educational institution does a 10-year-old child study in? – – Primary school/Elementary School.
132.What documents would a doctor give to a patient to buy medicines? – – Prescription.
133.Dollars, cents, pounds, euro… What are these called? – – Currency
134.How would you call the doctor who treat sick animals? – – Vet./Veterinarian.
135.Who take care people who are sick and stay in hospital? – – Nurse

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