50-Answer Short Questions Prediction List-1: Dec-2019

1.What is the legal document protecting someone’s intellectual property? – – Patent/Copyright
2.How many days added in February during a leap year? – – One day.
3.How many days are in a leap year? – – 366
4.How many years are there in the passage of a decade? – – 10 years
5.How many years are there in a millennium? – -1000 years.
6.How many years does a centennial celebrate? – – 100 years.
7.If you have a toothache, who would you go to? – – Dentist
8.Some calendars begin the week on Sunday, what is the other day which commonly starts a week? – -Monday.
9.What are the instructions that tell you how to cook food? – – Recipe.
10.What is the job title for someone who makes meals in a restaurant? – – Chef.
11.What’s the name of the building where you can borrow books? – – Library.
12.What do we call a book that contains lots of words with their meanings – – Dictionary
13.What do we call a period of 100 years? – — Century
14.What do we call the alphabetical list, at the end of the book that tells you where to find specific information? — Index

15.What do you call a list in front of a book which outlines the structure of a book? – – Table of Contents

16.What do you call a piece of equipment we use to look at stars? – – Telescope
17.What do you call the strap that circulates a person in a car or an aeroplane? – – Seatbelt.
18.What do you use to test the body temperature? – – Thermometer.
19.What does a Sundial measure according to the shadow in the sunlight? – – Time
20.What does ASAP mean? – – As soon as possible
21.What is three quarters of 100%? – – 75%
22.What is more fuel efficient, a small car or a large truck? – – A small car.
23.What is one half of 100%? – – 50%
24.What is the antonym of vertical? – – Horizontal
25.What is the big musical instrument that has 88 black and white keys? – – Piano.
26.What is the habitat of camels? – – Desert
27.What do you call the people who work for a company? – – Employees.
28.What is the opposite to “predecessor”? – – Successor.
29.What is the piece of paper that you receive after you have bought an item? – – Receipt
30.What is the strings on shoes? – – Shoelace.
31.What are the things that you touch with you left hand when you play a guitar? – – Strings
32.What literacy genre describes all details of a famous person’s life? – – Autobiography
33.Which sense is related to your ears? – – Hearing
34.What is the natural material used to make a car tire? – – Rubber.
35.What identification document does most people need to carry when they travel between countries? – – A passport
36.What’s the place of areas where a college or a university is located? – – Campus
37.When the writer of the book is unknown, what word do we use to describe the writer? – —Anonymous

38.When you get lost in a city, what do you need to buy to find out where you are and where to go? – – Map.

39.Which part at the end of book can be used for further reading? An index or a bibliography? – – Bibliography

40.Which symbol is used to complete a sentence? – – Full stop / period
41.Whose job is to treat people that are ill or have an injury at a hospital? – – Doctor
42.What does the chemical symbol H2O stand for in chemistry? – – Water
43.What do we call the thread in the center of the candle? – – Wick
44.How would you describe an animal that no longer exist on the earth? – – Extinct
45.What natural resource is used by a carpenter? – – Wood.
46.What do we call a festival which is held every four years gathering people together as a sporting event? – -Olympics (Games).
47.How many hemisphere does the equator split the earth into? – – Two.
48.Which one has a low humidity, a desert or a rainforest? – – A desert.
49.If someone has a couple of kids, how many kids does he have? – – Two
50.What is the hard object in the center of peaches, apples and pears? – – Stone.

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