50-Answer Short Questions Prediction List-2: Jan-2020

51.How many sides does a hexagon have? – – Six.
52.How many sides does a pentagon have? – – Five
53.Which one would you use to describe the desert, humidity or aridity? – – Aridity.
54.How do you call a doctor who can sell prescribed medicines? – – Chemist/Pharmacist.
55.What is the opposite of ‘positive’? – – Negative.
56.In which direction does the Sun rise from? – – East.
57.Where does a camel normally live? – – Desert.
58.What are the mountains that can erupt? – – Volcanoes.
59.In the sentence: “He has been quite upset since he went back to school.” Which word uses a past tense? – Went.
60.If there are 8 black balls and 1 white ball, and I randomly pick one, which color is most likely to be picked? – Black.
61.When your bone is injured and broken, what would you say you have? –
62.What do we call the frozen water? – – Ice
63.What is the joint between your shoulder and your forearm? – – Elbow.
64.How would you call people who study ancient bones, rocks and plants? – – Archaeologist
65.Before airplanes were invented, how did people travel from America to Europe? – – By ship.
66.How do you describe the line that segment a circle? – Chord
67.How many wheels does a tricycle have? – – Three
68.How would you describe the process by which snow becomes water? – – Melting.
69.If a couple have a boy and a girl, how many children do they have? – Two
70.If someone’s response is simultaneous, is it quick or slow? – Quick.

71.In the word ‘postgraduate’, what does ‘post’ mean? – – After

72.A newspaper is published everyday, and a journal is published every month. What do you call the
publication that is published four times a year? – – Quarterly
73.What can bring astronauts to space? – – Spacecraft
74.What century are we living in now? – – The 21st century
75.What device would you use to look at a distant object? – – Binoculars
76.What do guitars, violins and cellos have in common? – – Strings
77.In what section of a library can you use the books and materials as references but cannot borrow them out of the library? – – Reserve collection
78.What is the heading at the top of an article or page in a newspaper or magazine? – – Headline
79.What publication reports daily news? – – Newspaper
80.Where would you normally see crosswords?- Newspaper
81.Who sits in the cockpit of an airplane? – – Pilot
82.Why are bees important for agriculture? – – Pollination

83.What do the following belong to: roses, daisies, tulips, etc? – – Flowers
84.Which one would a vegetarian most likely eat, sandwiches or fruit salad? – – Fruit salad
85.When you fill in a form, what are the two options for ‘gender’? – – Male and female
86.Does a scapegoat receive or give a crime? – – Receive
87.If a car is not stationary, what is it doing? – – Moving/Running.
88.What kind of clothes and shoes do you wear to keep comfortable when hiking? – – Hiking outfit.
89.What shines at night in the sky and uses its own brightness? – – Star
90.Which shape has four equal sides and four angles, and each angle is a right angle? – – Square
91.What are the people who study history and historical evidence? – – Historian
92.What is the first paragraph of an essay? – – Introduction
93.If you want to study the human brain and behavior, what should you be? – – Psychologist
94.What’s the process of people paying money to governments for public services? – – Taxation.
95.How often does February have one extra day? – – Every four years.
96.How would you describe someone who can speak two languages? – Bilingual.
97.What is the term used to describe a period of seven days? – – Week
98.When you use Microsoft Word, which category does “Times New Roman” belong to? – – Font. / Typeface.
99.Which organ is the blood pumped from? – – Heart
100.What is the hardest part of your hand? – – Nails

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