Exam Recall: 07th-Mar-2020

Some people interested in extreme sports (Dangerous activities) like skiing, bungee jumping, rafting, diving should be banned. Do you agree or disagree?

👉marshmallow test for children (new?)

👉bees population (new?)

👉166- A history of God

👉History is selective

👉ports Women’s records are important and need to be preserved.


👉decision making

👉feedback learning

👉13 Estee Lauder – A Biography

👉Today, we will discuss the relationship between the fault lines and the earth crust in earthquake. This dislocation of the rock occurs from the earth surface seven kilometers to several hundred kilometers vertically down to the crust. The earthquake’s focus is called epicenter which is vertically located beneath the interior of the earth crust and the energy released transferred through the epicenter. The faults are fractures on the earth crust. The position of the epicenter can be identified by the fault’s maps looking down from the center of the earth. It will result in seismic waves which will decrease as you move away from the epicenter.

👉Why the Australian housing is so expensive

👉The key witnesses of the event are factors of your convention. Apeuni

👉Electronic devices can help students to complete their assignments faster than ever before. Apeuni

👉Free campus tours run daily in summer for prospective students.

👉Scientists are always asking the government for more money.

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