Exam Recall: 09th-June-2020

Retell lecture: bold and shy fish, Language extinction ( from detox pte)
RA: easy( only 1 from predictions and rest are new)
DI: planets(Jupiter, Neptune ..etc)
Remaining are pie/ bar charts – real pte
RS: most are from latest precitions/ YouTube


  1. preserving frogs
  2. Healthy diet for athletes(honey) – from detox PTE

Essay: what is the most important invention in the last 100 yrs among antibiotics, airplanes and computer

Listening blanks: active, static, abrupt, oceanographer

WFD: all repeated. 2 from detox pte
The nation achieve prosperity by opening its ports for trade.

The massive accumulation of data was converted into a communicable argument.

Reading: 2 out of 3 from detox pte fib

Rw – 3-4 blanks are from predictions in real pte

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