Exam Recall: 13 March 2019

RA-Akimbo,Vanilla ,rest were new
RS-All new but manageable, not very lengthy
DI- 2 bar graph, 1 line, 1 pie chart, 1 picture of age of trout clout fish
with corresponding increase in their length , 1 data table
RL-Napolean paris renovation , Definition of Biology, 3rd one forgot
ASQ-centennial-100 years, one dozen egg- twelve, high humidity-rain forest,
place where thai, hindi spoken-south asia

SWT-Equity and educational quality
Need for Demographic revolution due to ageing world poulation

Essay-As cities are expanding, whether government should build public transportation or let construct more roads for those owning private vehicles.
support your point of view.

Electronics E-Waste

SST-Biology DNA and RNA
Laughing and Humour
3rd one forgot

The toughest part of postgraduate education is funding.
The students were instructed to submit their assignments before Friday.
Behind the groups, there is a flat cart drawn by mules.

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