Exam Recall: 13th-Feb-2020


RA all new one was Information technology
RS all new except one but easy (Your tutor is there for help, so do ask if you don’t understand anything.)
DI all bar graphs and one was map (MAP: Population&Consumption)
Re-Tell: don’t remember
ASQ: all from prediction file except one or two


SWT total 2 came in my exam (Tree Rings and Plug-in Vehicle)
Essay (You need to study climate change. Which aspect of climate change will you choose and why? Use examples.)


RO: Don’t remember but one was from prediction file (Wal_mart)
Both FIBs (Not from the WEEKLY prediction file)
SST: Misuse of Drugs and Sound Receptor
FIB-L: All new


WFD: all from prediction file one was ( Before submitting your dissertation, your advisor must approve your application.)

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