Exam Recall: 14th-Nov-2019: Australia – Brisbane

The city’s founder created a set of rules that became the law.
Animals raised in captivity behave differently from their wild counterparts.
Everyone must evacuate the premises during the fire drill.

What is the opposite of stale? Fresh
What is the source of solar energy? Sun
If the profit of a company is tripled, How manifold it means? Three
What is the material of the body’s skeleton? Bone
Which drink has caffeine alongside tea and hot chocolate? Coffee
Which symbol is used to complete a sentence? Full stop
What do we call a period of 1000 years? Millennium

As E‐books/digital books are available online these days, the value of printed books has diminished. Agree or disagree?

The amount of money drug companies spend on TV ads has doubled in recent years …

The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy.
Rules of breaks and lunch time vary from one country to another.


1. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket …
2. Delegation comprises ….delegate (overall)responsibility … perform (an action)….it is important to be(prepared)….(anticipate)potential problems.
3. Stars and the material between them are almost always found in gigantic stellar systems called
4. dialects in US
5. e-research
6. Timing is important for revision…


1. Could midday napping save your life? If the experience of Greek men is any guide, the answer just may be yes. In a study released yesterday, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health and in Athens reported that Greeks who took regular 30-minute napping were 37% less likely to die of heart disease over a six-year period than those who never napped. The scientists tracked more than 23,000 adults, finding that the benefits of napping were most pronounced for working men. Researchers have long recognized that Mediterranean adults die of heart disease at a rate lower than Americans and Northern Europeans. Diets rich in olive oil and other heart-healthy foods have received some of the credit, but scientists have been intrigued by the potential role of napping.
The study concluded that napping was more likely than diet or physical activity to lower the incidence of heart attacks and other like-ending heart ailments.
Specialists not involved with the study said there are sound biochemical reasons to believe that a nap may help protect against heart disease. Essentially, they said, sleep at any time of day acts like a value to release the stress of everyday life.

2. Malaysia is one of the most pleasant, hassle-free countries to visit in Southeast Asia…

1. Instinct is a term used to describe a set of behaviors that are both unlearned and set in motion as the result of some environmental trigger. Instincts are also often discussed in relation to motivation since they can also occur in response to an organism’s need to satisfy some innate internal drive tied to survival.
Instincts are present across species and are consistent within individual species. In other words, many different species rely on instincts, and if one member of a species possesses an instinct, then they all do.
Before we move into a discussion of specific types of instincts, it is important to distinguish the difference between an instinct and a reflex. Both are types of unlearned behavior that tend to serve a survival purpose. The difference is that a reflex is a typically a simple reaction or a response to an environmental trigger whereas an instinct is a much more complex set of behaviors.

2. Language death is not mainstream theater…


1️⃣ Sepahua, a ramshackle town on the edge of Peru’s Amazon jungle, nestles in a pocket on the map where a river of the same name flows into the Urubamba.
2️⃣ That pocket denotes a tiny patch of legally loggable land sandwiched between four natural reserves, all rich in mahogany and accessible from the town.
3️⃣ In 2001 the government egged on by WWF, a green group, tries to regulate logging in the relatively small part of the Peruvian Amazon where this is allowed.
4️⃣ It abolished the previous system of annual contracts.
5️⃣ Instead, it auctioned 40-year concessions to areas ruled off on a map, with the right to log 5% of the area each year. The aim was to encourage strict management plans and sustainable extraction.

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