Exam Recall: 15th-Dec-2019


a) Read a Loud were short and simpler ones.

b) Re-Tell lectures – I can’t recollect the topic.

c) Repeat Sentences were short and simpler ones.

d) Describe Image :- 2 bar charts, 2 line charts, One image was of that ‘Battery Cell’.

e) ASQ’s were easy and all repeated from Firefly.


1) SWT :-  Both were from Firefly. Topic’s are mentioned below.

a) Frog Amber

b) Technology Predictions

2)  Essay :-   The time people devote in job leaves very little time for personal life. How widespread is the problem? What problem will this shortage of time cause?

Reading :-

1) I got 3 Re-order Paragraphs : 2 of them were from Firefly

a) Monash Student (Ne Tan)

b) Internship

c) Japan’s Uguisu ( This one is new and I have never seen this on any website nor in Firefly)

MCQ’s – MA :-

a) The Turks and Caicos Islands

FIB’s :- I remember only one. It’s one of from the Firefly.

a) Can dog’s tell your emotions.

Listening :-

SST :-

a) Sound Receptors

b) Missuse of Drugs

Listening MCQ’s : Remember two of them.

a) Jobs in Aviation Industry.

b) An Ireland Airliner who started a small hotel business.

WFD :- Got 4 WFD’s . Three WFD’s were short, but the last one was lengthy and could not memorise it correctly.

a)  A good research paper delivers practical benefits for real people.

b)  Student concession cards can be obtained by completing an application form.

c)  The same issues featured both explanations of the problem.

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