Exam Recall: 26th, July 2019,Turkey

#289 Internal Combustion Engine
#279 Educational Demand
#304 Hazard Assessment
#4 Yellow

We would like a first draft of the assignment by Monday.
This lecture was meant to start at 10.
The program depends entirely on private funding.
Others not familiar for me but pretty easy

#286 Temperature and Precipitation
#225 Switzerland Language
#41 Garbage Patches
#321 Population&Consumption
#533 Projected Population

#170 Non-Governmental Organization
#75 Lamarck & Epigenetic Rats
#163 Invention
#72 Bomb_Calorimeter

Most of them from Firefly prediction file

#15 Children Allowance
#20 America and India IT
#17 Columbus

Some people point that experiential learning (i.e. learning by doing it) can work well in formal education. However, others think a traditional form of teaching is the best. Do you think experiential learning can work well in high schools or colleges?
The world’s governments and organizations are facing a lot of issues. Which do you think is the most pressing problem for the inhabitants on our planet and give the solution?

#59 RO
Others not familiar for me but pretty easy

#90 Low Fertility
Others not repeated question

#149 Globalization
#76 Language Death
#31 Drug Advertisement
#101 Indian Peasant Debt(2)

Castle was designed to intimidate both local people and the enemies.
Children acquire their first language without any conscious effort.
Purity is one feature that makes gold expensive.
The ways in which people communicate are constantly changing.
Your lowest quiz grade has been omitted from the calculations.
Aerial photographs were promptly registered for thorough evaluation.

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