Exam Recall: 28th-Jan-2020

We: Effective learning requires time, comfort and peace so itis impossible to combine study and employment. Study and employment distract one from another. To what extent do you think the statements are realistic? Support your opinion with examples.

SWT: Benefit of Honey to Athletes, Wine Industry (other version)

SST: Citizenship Curriculum, Misuse of drugs

HIW: easy

RS – most of them easy, 3 were long and fast – difficult to rememeber

RL – Survey on media, Freedom of Speech in Britain, brain – about neurons

DI – 1 table- baby sleep, graphs, body mass index, Precipitation & temperature- albany

RA- easy ; Shrimp

WFD: The commissioner will portion the funds among all the sovereignties.
Free campus tour runs daily during summer for prospective students.
2 new- difficult- fast and long

FIB – The Origin of Music, Move to a new region, Flower Attract Insects

RO An underperforming company, Voice higher than 5herz , grammar and language

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