Exam Recall: 28th-July-2020



  1. Tree-ring
  2. Technology prediction IBM

Essay: discuss disadvantages, tourism of undeveloped country.

Fill in the Blanks(Reading)

Private schools in the UK are redoubling their marketing efforts to foreigners. Almost a third of the 68,000 boarding pupils at such schools already come from overseas. But now, with many UK residents unwilling or unable to afford the fee-top boarding schools edging towards $49,759 a year – and a cultural shift away from boarding, many schools are looking aboard to survive. Overseas students now account for about $500m of fee income a year for boarding schools in the UK.

International students work-ready international students are providing greater options for local employers who are having difficulties finding local staff due to high employment rates and ongoing labor shortage. International students in accounting and information technology take part in a year-long program consisting of classroom work and practical experience, which provides them with valuable skills, industry contacts and a working knowledge of Australian.

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