Exam Recall: 30th Jan 2019

Retell lecture
Word war 2 and drwaing behavior.
Describe Image
Comparison bw flags of uae and jorden.
Table of data regarding visitors of Australia.
Pie chart about determines the factor for happiness.
Fish life cycle.
Map of a library

2 swt
A minor find a tinny frog in amber miaxico…..
Parents think that tehy would not pay allowance to kids for routine house jobs…..
2 essays
People should get retire to made a way for young people opinion basied.
Second essay
Libraries should procure new digital media instead of updating textbooks advantages disadvantages type essay.

RO about a pilot who made rescue operations….

Importance of vitamin d.

Consistent pattrens for happiness of people….

WFD total 3.
13 college libraries….
When workers ask to raise wages, companies increase the price…

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