Exam Recall : 3rd-Dec-2019 India

One word Ans.

When you use Microsoft Word, what does pl “Times New Roman” mean?

What is the opposite to convex?

What can we call a document protecting someone ’ s
intellectual property?

What do these following belong to: chrysanthemum,
roses, daisies, tulip, etc?

If you have a toothache, do you go to a surgeon or a

Essay – Job and Personal life time / work life balance

 APEuni code – #190 Galaxy or #139 Night sky dark
APEuni code – #220 HTML

APEuni #639 Tutankhamun
APEUni #201 Canada Gallery

RS –
 Is hypothesis on black hole as rendered moot as explanation of

The lecture on child’s psychology has been postponed until Friday.

Listening Fill in the blanks and highlight  incorrect words were tough to capture in terms of spelling as well as background  noise ( such as interview in crowded place or inconsistent high low high speech volume)

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