Exam Recall: 4 November -2019

RA: teenage girls are countinuing to outperform boys…

RS: eating too much cam lead to many health problems.
Once more under the pressure of economic necessity, practice outstripped theory.
The United States has the maximum production of chocolate.

DI: comparison of the fundamental needs model with Abraham Maslows.
RQ/page 56 Beijng,china temperature
RQ/page 80 carbon dioxide vs temperature past 400000 years

RL: spacetime relativity
Wilson version 2

Atlas, table of contents, the Olympic games, Gold medal, rubber, tricycle=3wheels,
what material are generally used in glasses and windows?

Parent’s birth order affects their parenting
Greenhouse gases

WE: effective learning requires time, comfort and space. So it is impossible to combine study and employment…

Mutiple reading:
About the avalanche/ using model of beads..

RO: An African American woman version 2
New ventures and environmental entrepreneurship

Intelligence animals
Coral reef: surprisingly/support/double
UW course description: updated/notice/agreement/consulting
Chimpanzees’ distribution
The text of this I was unaware of the extent of their distribution in Asia and Europe and finally compared with humans.
About the perception that
Words can be read when text is read.
SST: version 2 urbanization and agriculture
Genes affect behaviors
Intuition new version

Lfib: spectrum, doubtedly,workplace, invision…

The speaker talked about the topic and finally asked the speaker’s opinion and tone on the topic.
Philosophy uses logic and reason to explain human experience.
Synopsis contains the most important information.
Obsevers waited nervously and obtained their breath for concert.

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