Exam Recall: 8th Aug, 2019 – Perth

RA- repeated from ape uni & others new but bit lengthy
RS- 5 out of 8 from careercoves
Rl – globalisation & other one cant remember
DI- 2 repeat from apeuni (virus replication) & others new but easy
ASQ- all repeated from firefly

SWT- both repeated from ape uni
WE- personal life vs jobs

FIBW- repeated from realpte & ape uni . 3 questions new but not hard
FIB- most of the questions new
RO- computer games & UN organisation something ..

WFD- all career covers ( synopsis../ chemistry building located/ many graduates ..communication filed
FIBL – both from firefly
SWT- diet plan & other 2 also repeated from apeuni

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