Exam Recalls Oct-2019

Exam Recall: 31st Oct, 2019: Dubai

1. Read Aloud – All new but OK
2. Repeat Sentence –not too long
3. Describe Image – Lay out of a studio apartment
Virus Attack
Bar Graph showing the vocabulary learned different age (1-6)
Various reasons for not visiting art gallery
Bar graph showing the entertainment activity by men and women in UK
Line graph – population growth in Litchfield city
4. Re- Tell – Australian Export and other 2 can’t remember
5. Answer short question was ok – mostly from list Malvika shared
6. SWT – Nobel Prize
Compulsory voting in Australia NOT IN UK
Carbon Emission, Environmental problems and the responsibility of business
7. Essay – Most beneficial invention
8. Read FIB – Burger King
Preservation of water and I think the rest were new
9. ROP – Revolution of Airport and after World war 2 and the other one was new
10. Listening – SST –regarding democratic and republical government
LSE Competetions facing by LSE – new I think

11.Write From Dictation:– can’t remember but simple

Exam Recall: 10th Oct, 2019: Brisbane Navitas

Describe Image:
  1. Rainfall in inches
Retell lecture:
  1. Hallucination B1 B2 B3
  2. Frogs
  3. Biochemical engineering X ray
Writing Essay:
  1. Dangerous activities
Summarize Written Text:
  1. Napping
  2. London surpass NY
Summarize Spoken Text:
  1. 43 yrs old woman
  2. Indian peasant
Write From Dictation:
  1. Clinical practice for nursing will prepare students for professional practice.
  2. Free campus tours run daily in summer for prospective students.
  3. Before submitting your dissertation, your advisor must approve your application.

Exam Recall: 7th Oct, 2019: Dubai


Retell lecture: totally new, except one (Australian exports)
Describe Image: flags, rain/temp/ baby nap time etc, pretty easy
Repeat Sentence: very lengthy


Essay: inventions
Summarize Written Text: human & animals / beauty pageants


FIBs: all new and extremely difficult.
Reorder paragraph: got 3 this time and all of them were new
MCQ: i got 4 multi choice questions instead of 2


Summarize Spoken Text: war of talent, citizenship curriculum
Write From Dictation: reconciliation, animals behave differently

Exam Recall: 4th Oct, 2019

  1. Retell lecture – low and high liking in rats and something on galaxies.
  1. Summarize Written Text: SLP officer in school of NSW and Parents birth order
  2. Essay writing: Involving workers in decision making advantages and disadvantages
  1. Summarize Spoken Text: Mary Mallon – Typhoid Mary

Exam Recall: 2nd Oct, 2019: Sydney

Describe image:
  1. Temperatures vs rain fall graph
  2. London street View 19th century and now.
  3. Indian rhino distribution on map
  4. World population & poverty in 1970 vs 1990
Essay writing:
  1. The mass media including TV, radio and Newspaper influence our society and shape our opinions shapes our opinion specially young generation, What is your opinion?
Summarize Written Text:
  1. Dendrochronology
  2. Greenhouse gases
Fill in the Blanks:
  1. Drinking vessels
Summarize spoken text:
  1. Student debt 43 yrs old lady.
  2. Citizen rights to know well, some governments mislead and trick people to hide the government miscarriage.

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