PTE Recently Asked Writing Essay

  1. It is argued that getting married before finishing school or getting a job is foolish. To what extent do you agree
    or disagree?
  2. Some people think human behaviors can be limited by laws, others think laws have little effect. What is your
  3. Some employers involve employees in the decision-making process of products and services. What are the
    advantages and disadvantages of such policy?
  4. The formal written examination can be a valid method to assess students’ learning. To what extent do you
    agree or disagree?
  5. It is often argued that studying overseas is overrated. There are many scholars who study locally. Is
    travel a necessary component of quality education?
  6. The disadvantages of tourism in less developed countries are as great as the advantages. What is your opinion?
  7. In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of extreme or adventure sports?
  8. The information revolution by modern mass communication has both positive and negative consequences
    for individuals and for society.” To what extent do you agree?
  9. Mass media, including TV and newspaper, have a great influence on humans, particularly on the younger
    generation. It has a pivotal role in shaping people’s opinions. Discuss the extent you agree or disagree. Use
    your own experience or examples.
  10. Climate change is a concerning global issue. Who should take the responsibilities, governments, big companies
    or individuals?
  11. In the past 100 years, there have been many inventions, such as antibiotics, airplanes, and computers. What do
    you think is the most important of them? Why?
  12. Should marketing in companies produce consumer goods like food and clothing, place emphasis on reputation
    of the company or short-term strategies like discount and special offers? Why?
  13. You are given climate change as the field of study. Which area would you prefer? Explain why you pick this
    particular area of your study and give an example in the area you pick.
  14. There are both problems and benefits for high school students study plays and works of theatres written
    centuries ago. Discuss and use your own experience.
  15. Large shopping malls are replacing small shops. What is your opinion on this? Do you think this is a good or
    bad change?
  16. There are more and more situations where credit cards are used instead of cash. The idea of a cashless society
    seems to be becoming more of a reality. How realistic do you think it is? What do you see as the potential
    benefits or problems?
  17. The medical technology is responsible for increasing the average life expectancy. Do you think it is a curse or a
  18. Some people point that experiential learning (i.e. learning by doing) can work well in formal education.
    However, others think a traditional form of teaching is the best. Do you think experiential learning is beneficial
    in high school or college?
  19. Should parents be held legally responsible for the actions of their children? Do you agree with this opinion?
    Support your position with your own study, experience or observations.
  20. Some universities deduct students’ marks if assignments are given late. What is your opinion and give your
  21. In order to study effectively, it requires comfort, peace and time. So it is impossible for a student to combine
    learning and employment at the same time, because one distracts the other. Is it realistic to combine them at
    the same time in our life today? Support your opinion with examples.
  22. The world’s governments and organizations are facing a lot of issues. Which do you think is the most pressing
    problem for the inhabitants on our planet?And give solutions.
  23. How does the design of building affect, either positively or negatively, where people work and live?
  24. Some people argue that experience is the best teacher. Life experiences can teach more effectively than books
    or formal school education. How far do you agree with this idea? Support your opinion with reasons and/or
    your personal experience.
  25. With the increase of digital media available online, the role of the library has become obsolete. Universities
    should only procure digital materials rather than constantly update textbooks. Discuss both the advantages and
    disadvantages of this position and give your own point of view.

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