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PTE Re-order paragraph is scoring task in the reading section. For this task, you need to rearrange the original order of the text by moving the text boxes and dragging them across the screen. For each, correct order you will get point. However, many PTE aspirants without any strategy, find this task difficult to concur. PTE Spriters provide many strategies to deal with prompt and reorder the paragraph.


Re-order Paragraph Strategy

• Read the text in order to understand the main idea of each one.

• Find the topic sentence first. The topic sentence gives the subject of the text and is usually the first sentence

• Read the sentences for keywords before you re-order. Use the keywords to form an overall idea of what the original text is about

• Look for conjunction(And, but, for, nor, or, so, and yet), noun, pronoun(he, she, it), connectors(that, which, whose, where, when)

• Identify the mandatory pairs of sentence: sentences which comes one after other


Practice questions:


A. For one thing, the use of language is universal—all normally developing children learn to speak at least one language, and many learn more than one.

B. But just the opposite is true—language is one of the most complex of all human cognitive abilities.

C. Because everyone ¡s capable of learning to speak and understand language, it may seem to be simple.

D. By contrast, not everyone becomes proficient at complex mathematical reasoning, few people learn to paint well, and many people cannot carry a tune.

E. It is wrong, however, to exaggerate the similarity between language and other cognitive skills, because language stands apart in several ways.



A. The apparent paradox is resolved by requiring that the traveler crossing the date line change his date, thus bringing the travelers into agreement when they meet.

B. The same problem would arise if two travelers journeyed in opposite directions to a point on the opposite side of the earth, 1800 of longitude distant.

C. The date line is necessary to avoid a confusion that would otherwise result.

D. For example, if an airplane were to travel westward with the sun, 24 hr would elapse as it circled the globe, but it would still be the same day for those in the airplane while it would be one day later for those on the ground below them.

E. International date line, imaginary line on the earths surface, generally following the 1800 meridian of longitude, where, by international agreement, travelers change dates.



A. Volkswagen shares trade at about nine times the 2002 estimated earnings, compared to BMW’s 19 and are the second cheapest in the sector.

B. Many investors have been disappointed and frightened away.

C. Despite posting healthy profits, Volkswagen shares trade at a discount to peers due to bad reputation among investors.

D. The main problem with Volkswagen ¡s the past.

E. A disastrous capital hike, an expensive foray into truck business and uncertainty about the reason for a share buyback have in recent years left investors bewildered.



A. This usually irritates e, but I didn’t mind It here, and their interactions are well-handled and informative, although occasionally in moving them about the author’ s manipulations are a bit blatant.

B. Unlike Barnes previous books, Mother of Storms has a fairy large cast of viewpoint characters.

C. But even the Evil American Corporate Magnate Is a pretty likable guy.

D. They’ re not all necessarily good guys. either, although with the hurricanes wreaking wholesale destruction upon the world’ s coastal areas ethical categories tend to become Irrelevant.



A. Paleontologists still argue about the origins of major groups, though new fossil
finds since Darwin’s time have cleared up many of the disparities in the fossil record. Even during Darwin’s lifetime, some transitional forms were found.

B. Today, many years later, many believe that evolution has progressed at the same steady rate and that the absence of transitional forms can be explained by Darwin’s argument that there are huge gaps in the fossil record and that transition usually occurred in one restricted locality.

C. An evolving group may have reached a stage at which it had an advantage over other groups and was able to exploit new niches in nature. Climate change may also have produced a “spurt”, as might the extinction of other groups or species, leaving many niches vacant.

D. Others, however, believe that the fossil evidence suggests that, at various stages in the history of life, evolution progressed rapidly, in spurts, and that major changes occurred at these points.







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