Reading: Fill in the Blanks

1. The ______ of computer and internet technology has simplified our lives, but the benefits ushered in by the technology revolution have also had an ______ affect on the core of our ______ relationships. Mere communication is no longer by face-to-face contact, but rather by electronic email, by personal internet message boards, and by personal electronic assistants.

triumph, virtue, advent, precocious, interpersonal, satanic, adverse


2. Television programming today can be a powerful ______ factor in developing value systems and shaping behaviors of individuals. Television ______ people into the programs to believe that they are important and mean something. Television gives people the wrong impression about how life should be lived. The ______ of the programs creates a sense of lifestyle that the average viewers ______ for themselves.

Unrealistic, abjure, unsettling, crave, pragmatic, calming, hooks, dissuade


3.  Australia is to be a launch _______ on the UK’s innovative new small radar satellite,  NovaSAR. The spacecraft, which will track shipping and forestry change from _______  is due to launch on an Indian rocket early next year. Australia’s main research _______ , CSIRO, has signed a 10% share in NovaSAR’s data. The deal comes on the _______ of an announcement that the country will soon get a national space agency.

organization, moon, leader, orbit, partner, heels, hopes, design



1. advent, adverse, interpersonal,

2. Pragmatic, Hooks, Dissuade, Crave

3. Partner, orbit, organization, heels


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