Summarize Spoken Text: Sound Receptors

You’ve got sound receptors in your ear, and they are beautiful. We’re not going to talk about them at any length, but there’s little flappy, these little spiky things going along in your ear and they can translate vibrational energy coming from your ear, hurting your eardrum, being translated into a vibration into the fluid in your ear into a physical motion of these little receptors there into an electrical motion, into an electrical signal that goes into your ear. So, all of that, all of that’s pretty impressive stuff. We are not going to talk about the details of it, but I invite some of you who want to learn more about this, particularly MIT students who would find receptors quite remarkable kinds of devices.

Sample Answer:

Sound receptors are little spiky apparatus that in humans’ ears, which can translate the vibrational energy of sound in our eardrums into physical motions and after that it is converted into electric signals. At In the end,
instead of talking about details of it, the professor invited MIT students to have a closer observation of sound receptors which is very remarkable. (62words)

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