Listening: Write From Dictation: March-2019

  1. The economic books are at the back on the left.
  2. Some of the features are part of the previous research.
  3. Artists, other than politicians, played their own roles of cultural, critics.
  4. The application process is longer than expected.
  5. Law is beneficial to investors by protecting their rights and avoiding any improper actions in the market.
  6. The university officer will help you locate housing and transportation.
  7. They were struggling last year to make their service pay.
  8. Evaluation paper will be reviewed by the university personnel.
  9. Animals behave differently with their wild counterparts.
  10. Nurses specialize in clinical work and management.
  11. The following lecture on economic policy has been cancelled.
  12. Sale figures last year are better than expected.
  13. We cannot consider an increasing price at this stage.
  14. This essay will be published once the research is finished.
  15. When workers ask for raises in wages, the companies raise their prices.
  16. All of your assignments should or will be due by Friday.
  17. I thought we would meet in the small meeting room.
  18. Why has the project been held up for so long?

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