About PTE Sprinters

PTE Sprinters aim to provide all information need to ash PTE academics exam. Here, you will find each and every section tips and tricks, practice questions, recently and frequently asked questions and other useful resources at your fingertip.
PTE exam is all about attaining each and every question types with proper tips and tricks and PTE Sprinters provide all helpful information about it. Each and every question type is explained in details. Also, necessary practice material is provided on the blog to practice and achieve desire score.
PTE academics test is English language knowledge with 20 different types of question is the exam and PTE Sprinters provide details information about each and every task, how to attain it and crack the PTE with desire score. Tips and Tricks section provides shortcut tips and tested tricks to question type. Exam recall section provides about recently asked actual exam question shared by test takers. This is the most important section where PTE aspirants find the collection of exam question asked in actual exam and also sample response for the questions.

What is PTE Journal?

PTE Sprinters also provide PTE Journal to track the daily progress and learning to note down. This is very crucial and important for PTE aspirants to track the mistake and learn from those. As PTE  is all about learning from your mistakes, weak areas and strive for an excellence. Download the PTE Journal and start measuring your progress on daily basis. Keep reviewing and maintaining this journal will help to overcome the errors PTE aspirants are making. If you ask any successful PTE candidate who has achieved his or her score will tell you that PTE is about learning from your mistakes which you make while using the English language. This is one of the powerful element of PTE Sprinters and many PTE aspirants have benefited from it.

PTE Academic - PTE Journal to track your daily practice work and learnings

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PTE Journal

What PTE Sprinters offers?

PTE Sprinters also provide, frequently asked exam questions, exam recalls, Tips and tricks for all PTE question types, answers to frequently asked PTE common questions. Exam recall section is the most popular section where we update PTE actual exam memories from PTE Test takers. This helps students get familiarize with the type of questions asked in the exam and possible answers are available on the blog.

A primary aim of the blog is to share knowledge, resource, and experience about PTE Academic exam. Each and every post is highly interactive where PTE aspirants can add feedback, post answer and share feedback with others as well. If any feedback needed PTE aspirants can ask a question, add their answer for feedback and expert will provide their feedback.

PTE Academic exam is all about how you deal with the questions and respond. Tips and tricks section provides strategies to attain all type of PTE questions. Different type of PTE question needs a different strategy and implement it in the correct manner. There are specific formats are available for question types such as Describe image, Re-tell lecture, Essay, Summarize spoke text. Practicing daily using those structure will help an individual to achieve their desire score and fulfill their dreams.

Which is the most popular section on PTE Sprinters?
Many sections on this website are popular but Exam Recall, Tips and Tricks sections are the most favorite among PTE Aspirants.

What is Exam Recall?
Exam Recall is the section where PTE Aspirants share their exam memories of actual PTE exam. PTE Sprinters regularly share exam recall’s from real test takes. This section helps PTE Aspirants to get familiarize with the actual PTE question and help to make preparation in a focused manner. The questions and answers shared in this section are highly repeated in actual exam and many candidates receive same questions in their actual PTE Academic exam. This section is just to share PTE actual exam and not to breach any kind of privacy terms.