Exam Recall: 28th-Dec-2019

Wfd: journalism students get jobs in communications field, term illness and disease are often confused despite clear differences, massive argument . Repeat sentences: most of them new. Essay: devoting job […]

Exam Recall: 21st-Dec-2019

Ra was easy, Repeat sentence not long, ASQ from ptesprinters exam recall, two summarize written text- crow and grass, malaysia, essay- personal life and private life balance, fib listening repeated […]

Exam Recall: 24th-Dec-2019

Read a Loud: New and manageable, Shakespeare, England, Global warming, CO2 emission RS: 3-4 long ones but did well. Most of them were new. Artist tied with conservative… British students […]

160 The Most Repeated PTE WFD Questions

1) Animals raised in captivity behave differently with their wild counterparts. 2) While reconciliation is desirable, the basic underlying issue must first be addressed. 3) Climate change is becoming an […]