PTE Listening: Write From Dictation

  1. It was hard to anticipate how all the different characters would react.
  2. Effective exercise can help develop our mental and physical health.
  3. We are researching on the most significant challenges we are facing in our society today.
  4. Most of these students have not considered this issue before.
  5. Mutually exclusive events can be described as either complementary or opposite.
  6. Native speakers are exempt from the language tests in their own language.
  7. Organizational failure is considered in various perspectives in academic literature.
  8. Overcrowding and poor sanitation affected the lives of the majority of the population.
  9. Participants initially select from a range of foundation subjects.
  10. Remember to sign the attendance register before leaving the lecture hall.
  11. Scientists are always asking the government for more money.
  12. She began by giving an outline of the previous lecture.
  13. She has made a significant contribution to the field of chemistry.
  14. Statistical results should be expressed in different ways depending on the circumstances.
  15. Students have the options to live in college residences or apartments.
  16. Students who are successful have good strategies for learning.
  17. Student concession cards can be obtained by completing an application form.
  18. Supply and demand is one of the most fundamental concepts in economics.
  19. A bar chart is a useful means of data comparison.
  20. The archeologist’s new discoveries stand out in previously overlooked foundations.
  21. The artists tied to the conservative politicians earned the role of critics.
  22. The author’s early works were more experimental and less philosophical.
  23. The business policy seminar includes an internship with a local firm.
  24. The cafeteria features soup, salads, sandwiches, fish and chicken.
  25. The chemistry building is located near the entrance to the campus.

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