Exam Recall: 07th-Dec-2020

🎯 RA: new🎯 RS: our capacity to respond to national needs will determine our ability to flourish 🎯 RL :bilingual children🎯 SWT: ageing a worldAfrica continent 🎯 WE: medical technology […]

Exam Recall: 20th-Nov-2020

RA 🎯 one question from prediction RS 🎯 3 new questions – others were similar in some parts DI 🎯 Food pyramid🎯 Average precipitation and temperature🎯 Switzerland language🎯 Injury location🎯 […]

Exam Recall: 04th-Oct-2020

🎯 ASQ:SuccessorWingsTwinsMultiplication 🎯 DI: Most of the time it was a graph and one of them had given a table 🎯 SWT:Australia and Japan age🎯 Essay:2- invention 🎯 RFIB:Public or […]

Exam Recall: 30th-Oct-2020, Australia

Speaking: 🥊RS:All the applicants of internship are available in the officeRobert Frost lived in rural areas…The minimum mark for distinction grade is no less than 75%Those reference books are too […]

Exam Recall: 24th-Oct-2020

SPEAKING: 🥊RA: Michael Faraday🥊RS: Read the chapter before going to theeptepathfinder field trip.🥊DI: Map of ndian agriculture / Transportation types🥊ASQ: Quarterly publications WRITING: 🥊SWT: Global warming/ hunter-societies,tools of bones🥊ESSAY: Work […]

Exam Recall: 23rd-Oct-2020(Turkey)

🏓 RA: Michael Faraday 🏓 DI: Photos of the Earth’s layers 🏓 SWT: Australia Food 🏓 ESSAY: people engaging in dangerous activities like sky diving …. 🏓 RWFIB: Jean Piaget […]

Exam Recall: 22nd-Oct-2020

🎯 RA: Unlike my previous exam, some words were very challenging🎯 RS: It was easy, but I remember oneWe’re constantly looking for ways to bring industry and agriculture closer together.🎯 […]