50-Answer Short Questions Prediction List-1: Dec-2019

1.What is the legal document protecting someone’s intellectual property? – – Patent/Copyright 2.How many days added in February during a leap year? – – One day. 3.How many days are […]

Prediction List -5: Dec-2019: Read Aloud

MBAExhilarating, exhausting and intense. There are just some of the words used to describe doing an MBA. Everyone’s experience of doing MBA is, of course, different through denying that it’s […]

Prediction List -4: Dec-2019: Read Aloud

Major Breeding AreasMajor breeding areas, and breeding islands, are shown as dark green areas or darts. Open darts shown nobreeding records on islands, and are also used for offshore sightings, […]

Prediction List-10: Dec-2019: Read Aloud

MarijuanaAnother administration option is to bake marijuana at a relatively low temperature to kill any dangerous microorganisms and then allow that patient to eat it or drink it. Both of […]