Mock Test: PTE Reading: Reading Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer-01

Question 1

West Asia witnessed major political changes after the Second World War. Jordan and Syria became independent in 1946 from Britain and France respectively. Egypt wanted to renegotiate the 1936 Anglo Egyptian Treaty with Britain. Lebanon also became fully independent when the French troops moved out in 1946. The Arab League, formed in 1945 at the behest of Britain, suffered due to lack of trust among the member countries. In November 1947 the UN General Assembly approved the partition of Palestine to resolve the Arab-Israel conflict. Although the Jewish Leadership accepted this, the Palestinian Arabs and the Arab League called it unfair and rejected it. They wanted Palestinians to get the right to rule according to the UN Charter.

Which of the following pieces of information cannot be made out from the above passage?

Question 2

It is believed that Cushitic-speaking people were the first ethnic group to migrate to today's Kenya. It is believed that they moved in from northern Africa somewhere around 2000 BCE. Then came the Arab Traders who started frequenting the Kenyan coast way back in the first century CE (Common Era). The Kenyan coast served host to communities of iron workers, subsistence farmers, hunters and fishermen who supported the economy with agriculture, fishing, metal production and trade with foreign countries.

Which of the following statements is? not true ? with reference to Kenya?

Question 3

It is generally believed that the Second World War began on September 1~ 1939, with the invasion of Poland by Germany. Some historians link it to the start of the Second Sino-Japanese War on July 7, 1937~ According to AJP Taylor, two wars were fought simultaneously; the Sino-Japanese War Then East Asia and a Second European War in Europe and her colonies. These two wars merged in 1941 resulting in a single global armed conflict that continued till 1945. There is not a single universally agreed upon date of the end of the Second World War either, It is believed that the c inflict ended with the armistice e of August 14. 1945, popularly known as the Victory over Japan Day (VJ Day)~ a few days before the formal surrender of Japan on September 2, 1945 According to some European Historians, it ended as early as on May 8~ 1945, known as the Victory in Europe Day (VE Day).

The main purpose of the text is

Question 4

No scientific derivations prove any aura of mystery enveloping the Bermuda Triangle Many there ascertaining to extra terrestnals evil humans~ anti gravity, magnetic field, oceanic flatulence and other technical sounding and weird hypothesis have been put forth. But a few investigators contrive ill fuck pirates~ incompetence of navigators to be the cause of these missing ships and planes A few die hard rationalists believe that there is no mystery element that needs to be explained as the figures pertaining to wrecks Is common when there is such exceeding traffic on sea.

What main point is the author trying to make?

Question 5

It is shocking to note that the majority of our schools do not even have the buildings~ The classes are taken under the trees. These schools cannot afford the luxury of games Sports activates in are nonexistent as the schools and colleges do not have the Infrastructure to give students the proper training~ The hockey stick is present but the ball absent; the football is in front of us but without air. Sports generate sportsman spirit in the child, the ability to take decisions according to the sifuahons and to struggle in situations that do not favor them.

Which of the following most accurately summarizes the opinion of the author in the text?

Question 6

Until the 1600s, English was, for the most part. spoken only in England. However, during the course of the next two centuries, English began to spread around the globe as a result of exploration, trade, colonization, and missionary work. English gradually became the primary language of international business, banking, and diplomacy. Currently, more than 80 percent of the information stored on computer systems worldwide is in English. Two thirds of the world's science writing is in English, and English is the main language of technology, advertising, media, international airports, and air traffic controllers. Today there are more than 700 million English users in the world, and over half of these are non-native speakers, constituting the largest number of non-native users of any language in the world.

Which of the following most accurately summarizes the opinion of the author in the text?

Question 7

English in India is a historical legacy. English can open our door to the world as we can interact with the people globally if we have a command on English. English is the medium which can broaden our horizons of knowledge and experience. Our view point can be put forth to the foreigners and we can confidently debate our point of view. Many Indian spiritual gurus have foreign followers because with English they have expressed their ideas which have won many a foreign heart. Our culture and spirituality which earlier remained in bounds has gained an international identity.

What main point is the author trying to make?

Question 8

After the service sector~ agriculture is the next largest contributor to Kenya's GDP. Agriculture, including fishing and forestry, accounted for 24 percent of the GDP~ 18 percent of wage employment and 50 percent of export revenue, Kenya is the most industrially developed country in East Africa Yet its manufacturing sector accounts for just 14 per cent of the GDP, Kenya has a fast growing cement production industry. It has an oil industry that proc asses imported crude for domestic use, In addition to this, there is small scale manufacturing of household goods, auto-parts and farm implements. This sector is becoming a major contributor to the Kenyan economy, Other industries include forestry~ fishing and mining, Kenya has few minerals and the mining industry is relatively

Which of the following statements is true with reference to the Kenyan economy?

Question 9

Immediately relevant to game theory are the sex ratios in certain parasitic wasp species that have a large excess of females. In these species, fertilized eggs develop into females and unfertilized eggs into males. A female stores sperm and can determine the sex of each egg she lays by fertilizing or leaving it unfertilized. By Fisher's genetic argument that the sex ratio will be favored which maximizes the number of descendants an individual will have and hence the number of gene copies transmitted, should pay a female to produce equal numbers of sons and daughters Hamilton, noting that the eggs develop within their host—the larva of another insect—and that the newly emerged adult wasps mate immediately and disperse, offered a remarkably cogent analysis. Since only one female usually lays eggs in a given larva, it would pay her to produce one male only, because this one male could fertilize all his sisters on emergence. Like Fisher, Hamilton looked for an evolutionary stable strategy, but he went a step further in recognizing that he was looking for a strategy.

The author suggests that the work of Fisher and Hamilton was similar in that both scientists

Question 10

As the earth rotates, a sequence of two high tides~ separated by two low tides, is produced each day, Twice in each lunar month, when the sun, moon, and earth are directly aligned, with the moon between the earth and the sun (at new moon) or on the opposite side of the earth from the sun (at full moon), the sun and the moon exert their gravitational force in an additive fashion. Higher height ides and lower low tides are produced, These are called spring tides. At two positions 90 degrees in between, the gravitational forces of the moon and sun tend to counteract each other, These are called neap tides.

Which of the following most accurately summarizes the opinion of the author in the text?

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