Recent Repeat Sentence: Aug-2021

1. A computer virus destroyed all my files.
2. A lot of agricultural workers came to the east end to look for alternative work.
3. A periodical is a publication that is issued regularly.
4. A preliminary bibliography is due the week before the spring break.
5. A thorough bibliography is needed at the end of every assignment.
6. All the assignments should be submitted by the end of this week.
7. Basketball was created in eighteen ninety one by a physician and a physical instructor.
8. Being a vegan means not consuming any animal product.
9. Please pass the handouts along to the rest of the people in your row.
10. During the next few centuries, London became one of the most powerful and prosperous cities in Europe.

11. African elephant is the largest land living mammal.
12. I will be in my office every day from ten to twelve.
13. I’ll start with a brief history of the district, and then focus on life in the first half of the 20th century.
14. If you forget your student number, you need to contact Jenny Brice.
15. It is important to take gender into account when discussing the figures.
16. It’s time to finalize the work before the Wednesday seminar.
17. Just wait a minute. I will be with you shortly.
18. Meeting with mentors could be arranged for students who need additional help.
19. Meteorology is a detailed study of earth’s atmosphere.
20. Our class is divided into two groups. You come with me, and the others just stay here.

21. You need to finish all the reading chapters before the field trip.
22. Put the knife and fork next to the spoon near the edge of the table.
23. In this library, reserve collection books can be borrowed for up to three hours.
24. The residence hall is closed prior to the academic building closing time at the end of the semester.
25. She is an expert in the eighteenth century French literature.
26. Sport is the main cause of traumatic brain injury in the United States.
27. Students are so scared of writing essays because they have never learned how.
28. The author expressed a view that modern readers invariably cannot accept. #021108
29. The course comprises twenty hours of lectures, seminars, and tutorials per week.
30. I would like an egg and tomatoes on white sandwich bread with orange juice.
31. The English word Typhoon comes from the Chinese word “big wind”.
32. The first few sentences of an essay should capture the reader’s attention.
33. Glass is not a real solid, because it doesn’t have a crystal structure.

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