Recently Asked Repeat Sentence: Nov-2020

  1. Exam results will be available next week on the course website.
  2. This part of the session was not supported by documentation.
  3. In this library, the reserve collection of books can be borrowed for up to three hours.
  4. Hypothetically, insufficient mastery in these areas slows future progress.
  5. I didn’t understand the author’s point of view on immigration.
  6. Chemistry building is located at the entrance to the campus.
  7. mentors could be arranged for students who need additional help
  8. The gap between rich and poor is not decreasing as rapidly as expected
  9. It’s within that framework that we’re making our survey.
  10. Is hypothesis on black hole as rendered moot as an explanation of explanations?
  11. The lecture on child’s psychology has been postponed until Friday.
  12. Career mobility is very important for new graduate students.
  13. To answer this complex question with a simple yes or no is absolutely impossible.
  14. The correlation/ clear evidence between brain events and behavioural events are always fascinating.
  15. Knives and forks should be placed next to the spoon on the edge of the table.
  16. All of our accommodation is within a walking distance to the academic buildings.
  17. Please do not bring food into the classroom.
  18. Don’t forget to hand in your assignment by next Tuesday.
  19. Contemporary commentators dismissed his idea as eccentric.
  20. We are required to submit the assignment before Friday.
  21. I don’t understand what the comment on my essay means at all.
  22. The current statistical evidence indicates the need for further research.
  23. Anatomy is the study of internal and external body structures.
  24. If you want to sell your book, it must have a bibliography.
  25. There are a range of housing options near the university.
  26. The new English class will start next Monday morning.
  27. All sources of materials must be included in your bibliography.
  28. The negative discourse continues to be predominant in discussions about gender.
  29. Students who wish to apply for an extension should approach their tutors.
  30. The cafeteria closes soon but the snack machine is accessible throughout the night.
  31. Acupuncture is a technique involved in traditional Chinese medicine.
  32. Today, we will be discussing the role of the government in preventing injustice.
  33. We didn’t have any noticeable variance between the two or three tasks.
  34. The hypothesis needs to be tested in a more rigorous way.
  35. Interpreters are not readily available in this department.
  36. You can download all lecture handouts from the course website.
  37. The program will be shown on television during the weekend.
  38. This essay examined the use of computer in the science classroom.
  39. The development was mainly included in chapter nine.
  40. Eating too much can lead to too many health problems.
  41. Basketball was created in 1891 by a physician in physical structure.
  42. A computer virus destroyed all my files.
  43. A periodical is a publication that is issued regularly.
  44. The verdict depends on which side was more convincing to the jury.
  45. Nearly half of the television outputs are given away for educational programs.
  46. Physics is a detailed study of matter and energy.
  47. The lecture theatre one is located on the ground floor of the Pack Building.
  48. The timetable for the next term will be available next week.
  49. Vessels carry blood from the heart to other organs of the body.
  50. What distinguishes him from others is his dramatic use of black and white photography.
  51. There will be an open book exam on Monday, the twenty-eighth.

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