50 Most Repeated: Write From Dictations(WFD) 2020

1. A celebrated theory is still the source of great controversy.

2. A group meeting will be held tomorrow in the library conference room.

3. A massive accumulation of data was converted into a communicable argument.

4. A number of students have some volunteer jobs.

5. A party is thrown in the small meeting room.

6. A person’s education level is closely related to their economic background.

7. A recent article shows a number of interesting experiments

8. A very basic function of computing is counting and calculating.

9. Affordable housing is an important issue for all members of society.

10. Agenda item should be submitted by the end of the day.

11. All answers must be examined and supported by relevant theory.

12 All dissertations must be accompanied by a submission form.

13. All educational reforms have been inadequately implemented.

14. All industries consist of input, process, output and feedback.

15. All of your assignment should be due by tomorrow.

16. All staff must leave from the fire hydrant exit.

17. All students need to attend no less than ten labs per semester.

18. All writers are consciously or unconsciously representing their own culture.

19. Americans have progressively defined the process of plant growth and reproductive development in quantitative terms.

20. An aerial photograph was promptly registered for federal evaluations.

21. An ancient text may hold secrets which were lost centuries ago.

22. An archaeologist’s new discovery stands out in previous overlooked foundations.

23. And in that regard, as well as in other regards, it stands as an important contribution.

24. Animals raised in captivity behave differently from their wild counterparts.

25. Article numbers are collected through interesting experiments.

26. Artists are other than politicians played their own roles of cultural critics.

27. Artists, other than politicians, played their own role as critics of culture.

28. Assignments should be submitted to the department before deadline.

29 .Attracting skilled workers to the city with expensive housing is hard.

30. Avoiding confusing causes and effects of those changes.

31. Before completing the exercise, you need to read the remaining chapters.

32. Before submitting your assignment, your adviser must approve your application.

33. Behind the garage is a secret storage room.

34. Behind the garage, there is a flat car drawn by mules.

35. Below the heating controls in the middle, there is a small round plastic button.

36. Books for children often contain many bits of illustration.

37. Caged camera to see the fish.

38. Career opportunities in this field are quite limited.

39. Carefully rub contact lenses with your fingers for a thorough cleanse.

40. Celebrated theory is still a subject of controversy.

41. Celebrated theory is still a subject to a great controversy.

42. Celebrity is still the great source of controversy.

43. Certain scientific principles need to be learned verbally or by a logical deduction.

44. Chemistry building is located at the entrance to campus.

45. Climate change is a fierce phenomenon concentrated by scientists.

46. Climate change is becoming an acceptable phenomenon among a group of reputable scientists.

47. Clinical practices in nursing prepare students in practical practices.

48. Companies want to protect their brand from negative comments.

49. Competition for the places in a course is fierce

50. Conferences ought to be scheduled two week from now

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