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Summarize Spoken text is a task you need to write a summary of audio in 50-70 words in 1o minutes. The audio will be around 1 to 2 minutes longs. Here, you need to understand the spoken words, collect the key points and summarize. This is the very high scoring task. Many find this task challenging. However, candidate with predefined structure will be able to concur this section easily. Here are few templates to use for Summarize Spoken Text. Any template can be used for summarizing the spoken text.

Skill assessed: 

  • Listening
  • Writing


10 minutes including audio time

Templates for Summarize Spoken Text:

  1. The speaker delineates the information about _______ . First and foremost, _______ . Moreover, _______ . Also,_______ . In conclusion, _______ .
  2. The lecturer describe the information about _______ . To begin with, _______ . In addition to this, _______ . Lastly, _______ . To conclude, _______ .
  3. The speaker provides the brief information about _______ . First of all, _______ . Secondly, _______ . In a nutshell,_______ .
  4. The speaker explains the major information about_______ . According to speaker,_______ . Furthermore, _______ . To summarize, _______ .
  5. The speaker was discussing …… He/she talked about ……. He/she mentioned ……. He/she discussed …….. He/she described…….. He/she suggested ……..

Sample Example for SST:

Scientists are discovering that when you touch someone you communicate very specific emotions such as sympathy disgust gratitude or even love the current issue of the scientific journal Emotion features a series of studies about types reporter Michelle Trudeau touched base with the lead researcher psychologist Matt hurt and start from deploy University in Greencastle Indiana decided to study touch while he was watching parents interacting with their babies making faces and cooing sounds squeezing stroking nuzzling them and almost Then it struck me one day and I thought you know I wonder if touch can communicate distinct emotions much like the face in the voice decades of research has been done on the face and the voice and the distinct emotions that they communicate but touch had been relatively neglected by researchers until her stepped in and began his experiments we invited to participants into the lab and we put a curtain up between those two people so they couldn’t see or hear each other one participant the sender was told to try and communicate twelve different emotions one by one to the other participant the receiver the receiver would put his or her arm underneath the curtain onto the sender side the sender would then touch the receivers for trying to communicate the specific emotion such as envy fear love and Paris meant anger gratitude pride discussed the receiver had to then decide which emotion was being communicated.

Sample Response to SST:

The speaker was discussing about the touch as a very important emotion factor when communicating. She mentioned that, researchers have found that touch as very important all to express emotions. She discussed, how Dr. Michelle has observed the parents and child communication. She describe about series of experiment in which sender was asked to send different emotions. She suggested, how the receiver try to understand type of emotion communicated.

Review the written SST:

Review your written summarize text to correct out any mistake done in grammar, spelling or punctuation. It becomes crucial to review the task check your sentences for like subject/verb agreement, word order, and tenses.

How to Practice for SST:

You must save some time to review the Summarize text. Grammarly help here to review one’s completed text. If any mistakes or error identified during practice must go to PTE Journal. This will help to track the mistake one is doing and overcome those during actual exam

PTE Journal provided by PTE Sprinters is another tool which can help here to note down the mistakes identified in terms of spelling, grammar, and review on a daily basis so that one is aware of their weak areas and overcome on those.

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