New Write From Dictation(WFD)-July-2020

  1. Many cities are actively working on ways to reduce air pollution.
  2. Students should take the training course to use the gym.
  3. Fast food has become very popular with many students.
  4. The computer memory of modern computer is extended every year.
  5. Sympathy is a feeling of sorrow for someone who is not happy.
  6. The employment demand in engineering is increasing rapidly.
  7. All mobile devices need to be switched off during the examination.
  8. Journalism has undergone many changes in recent year.
  9. Having clean water for human is vital for health.
  10. The work shop will show you how to search the library work.
  11. The research was investigating on the social attitude.
  12. The key witnesses of the event of factors of your convention.
  13. The economic prediction turnout to be incorrect.
  14. It is possible to keep the energy of an atom in two ways.
  15. The university main library will be open till midnight until next Monday.
  16. Companies’ projects must adapt to the general data protection regulations.
  17. Money and how it is paid can affect the motivations to work.
  18. There is no economic reason why public borrowing is necessarily bad.
  19. For the purpose of the research, data should be collected and analyzed.
  20. The deadline for the submission of this assignment is tomorrow.
  21. We are phasing out the disposal cups on campus.
  22. British students must study mathematics at secondary school.
  23. Please make sure your applications are following the guideline provided.
  24. weather patterns have changed significantly over the past two hundred years.
  25. Momentum is defined as the combination of mass and velocity.
  26. There is a separate reading list for each course.
  27. Time is needed to complete the process of the lecture.
  28. We are more able to hire postgraduate students then previously possible.
  29. Member can contribute to the association of operating firm.
  30. Online courses allow students to work on their own paces.
  31. Cells are the basic building blocks of all animals and plants.
  32. Industry experts will discuss the opportunities in an optimal workforce.
  33. You can ask your tutor for a further assistance.
  34. Scientific experiments should be repeated in verifying the results.
  35. We are able to accommodate more students than previously.
  36. They develop a unique approach to train their employees.
  37. Theater study courses encourage students to exercise creativity.
  38. New developments in technology are influencing current research.
  39. The finding shows that dark chocolate can improve your immunity mood and health.
  40. Most know oil reserves last for only half a century.
  41. He wrote poetry and plays as well as scientific paper.
  42. Our aim is to transform classical teaching in the classroom.
  43. The terms illness and disease are confusing despite clear differences.
  44. The extent of advertising effects on children is much open to debate.
  45. Democracy is constantly offering a table form of government.
  46. At the time, few people moved from town to the village.
  47. The university seeks funding for the renovation of the lecture theater.

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