160 The Most Repeated PTE WFD Questions

1) Animals raised in captivity behave differently with their wild counterparts.
2) While reconciliation is desirable, the basic underlying issue must first be addressed.
3) Climate change is becoming an acceptable phenomenon amongst the group of reputable scientists.
4) Clinical placement for nursing prepares students for professional practice.
5) Mutually exclusive events are neither complementary nor opposite.
6) An aerial photograph was promptly registered for federal evaluations.
7) Synopsis contains the most important information.
8) Everyone must evacuate the premises during the fire drill.
9) Student concession cards need to be obtained by completing an application form.
10) Many graduates studying journalism get jobs in a communications field.
11) Our professor is hosting the economic development conference next week.
12) Our professor is hosting a business development conference.
13) It is absolutely vital to allocate your resources.
14) It is absolutely vital that you acknowledge all your sources.
15) The chemistry building is in the interior of the campus.
16) Those students seeking further (a formal) extension should talk to their faculty for more information
17) University departments should carefully monitor articles and publications by faculty.
18) You can contact all your tutors by e-mail.
19) Native speakers are always exempted in the exam for their own language.
20) Native speakers are exempt from language tests in their own language.
21) Participants are initially selected from a range of foundation subjects.
22) The railway made long-distance travel possible for everyone.
23) She used to be an editor of the students’ newspaper.
24) Students have the option to live in college residences or apartments.
25) The massive accumulation of data is converted into a communicable argument.
26) It is hard to anticipate all the characters that were in react.
27) It is hard to observe the reaction of the characters in the act.
28) This paper challenged the previously accepted theories.
29) When workers ask for raises in wages, the companies raise prices.
30) When workers ask for higher wages, the companies raise prices.
31) Control systems in manufacturing require a high level of accuracy.
32) Supply and demand is one of the most fundamental factors in that economics.
33) Demand and supply are fundamental elements of economics.
34) Review all materials (sources) before drawing your conclusions.
35) Celebrated theory is still a subject to a great controversy.
36) A celebrated theory is still a source of great controversy.
37) The morning’s lecture on economic policy has been canceled.
38) You may need to purchase an academic gown before the commencement.
39) You may need to purchase an academic gown before commencing.
40) A party is thrown in small meeting room.
41) Behind the garage, there is a flat cart drawn by mules.
42) The campus tour runs daily during summer for prospective students.
43) Free campus tours run daily in summer for prospective students.
44) Scientists are always asking the government for more money.
45) Students were instructed to submit their assignments by Friday.
46) The theme of the instrumental work requires a more demure compositional style.
47) The theme of instrumental work exhibits a more demure compositional style.
48) Before submitting your dissertation, your advisor must approve your application.
49) Let me know if anybody struggles in the lab.
50) Chemistry building is located at the entrance to campus.
51) The nation achieved prosperity by opening its exports (ports) for trade.
52) The placement test of mathematics and statistics is offered in this semester.
53) I thought we would meet in the small meeting room.
54) Observers waited nervously and hold the breath for the concert.
55) Teaching assistants will receive a monthly stipend for housing.
56) Teaching assistants will receive a monthly allowance for housing.
57) Teaching assistants will receive monthly fees for housing.
58) Teaching assistants will receive a monthly remuneration for housing.
59) Geography is generally divided into two branches: human and physical.
60) The teacher asked the group to commence the task.
61) They have struggled since last year to make their services paid.
62) Article numbers are collected through interesting experiments.
63) Radio is a popular form of entertainments throughout the world.
64) The evaluation form will be reviewed by university personnel.
65) The meeting has some struggling overlaps.
66) We study science and appreciate the world around us.
67) Most university teaching takes places in lectures and seminars.
68) The business development seminar includes an internship with a local firm.
69) The library has substantial material of economic history.
70) The library holds substantial materials of economic history.
71) The library holds a substantial collection of materials of economic history.
72) If finance is a circumstance of concern, the scholarship is maybe available.
73) There is bus service from main campus into city center.
74) Some of the features are part of previous research.
75) Some of these features are part of the previous systems.
76) The city’s founder created a set of rules that became the law.
77) The commissioner will collect fines for the sovereignty.
78) The commissioner will collect fines among authorities.
79) We cannot consider increasing the price at this stage.
80) We cannot consider an increase in price at this stage.
81) You can have your laptop during the exam.
82) Good research delivers practical benefits for real people.
83) Reference materials are on hold at the library reference desk.
84) It is being made to reduce harmful emissions.
85) She has made a significant contribution to the field of chemistry.
86) The application process is longer than expected.
87) The plight of wildlife has been ignored by developers.
88) The teaching staff are extremely approachable, helpful and friendly.
89) The ways in which people communicate are constantly changing.
90) Tribes work (worked-vibed-vied) with each other to build monolithic statues.
91) We have sufficient ways to study in brain action.
92) We need to hand in the essay by next week.
93) Undergraduates may pay their interests on special stages within specific programs.
94) Your lowest quiz grade has been omitted in the calculations.
95) Many birds migrated to the warmer area for winter.
96) All industries are thought of systems as inputs, processes, outputs, and feedback.
97) All staff must leave from the fire hydrant exit.
98) Fashion trends help people to make life interesting.
99) Graduates from this field usually pursue careers in financial fields.
100) Graduates of this course find careers in the financial department.
101) They were struggling last year to make their service paid.
102) He has landed the job in a prestigious law firm.
103) It is important for students to keep up with the deadline.
104) The article illustrates a number of interesting experiments.
105) Parents are financially responsible for their children until they reach adulthood.
106) Please visit the website for information about opening times.
107) Remember to sign attendance registers before leaving the hall.
108) Rivers provide habitats and migration pathways to fish and numerous aquatic species.
109) Traffic is the main cause for pollution in main cities.
110) The dance department stages elaborated performance each semester.
111) The elective course introduces engineering students to construct practices and concepts.
112) The exam system has been upgraded due to professional exams.
113) The group performance will be in the concert hall.
114) The human being competed with each other for resources and space.
115) The museum is closed on Thursday morning every month.
116) This schedule allows a lot of time for independent study.
117) The sociology department is highly regarded worldwide.
118) The undergraduates need some specific resources to analyze a specific problem.
119) The untapped potential way to monitor sun’s rise is phenomenal.
120) They are both grown up in the rural area and dislike the urban life.
121) The key difference between courses is the kind of assessment.
122) When launching a product, research and marketing are very vital.
123) Travelling by boat on the rivers is not possible in winter.
124) The same issue reached the same explanation of the problem.
125) There are still many people struggling in the lab.
126) There are too many people struggling in the lab.
127) The first assignment will be due on the fourteenth of September.
128) The qualification will be assessed by using a conference criterion approach.
129) Is the analysis appeared to be on the fourth basis?
130) Certain scientific principles need to be learned verbally or by logical deduction.
131) There is some doubt as to whether these events actually occurred.
132) Money and pay can affect the world.
133) In addition to class requirements, students must pass qualifying examinations.
134) Important details from the argument are missing from the summary.
135) If you seek for further extension, contact your faculty for more information.
136) The vocabulary with particular meaning is jargon.
137) Most teaching staff make their lecture notes available online.
138) Most of the students have not considered this issue before.
139) Artists tied with the conservative politicians earned the roles (rules/rows) of critics (critiques).
140) If finance is the cause of concern, scholarships maybe available.
141) We need to hand in the assignment by next week.
142) A good architectural structure is always very useful, durable and beautiful.
143) Graduates want to find works related to their field.
144) Making a mistake is fine as long as you learned from it.
145) University fees are expected to increase next year.
146) Supply and demand are one of the most important concepts of economics.
147) Building trust cannot happen overnight.
148) Every Student has to both write and the ability to succeed.
149) One of the election promises is to decrease the income tax.
150) Please click on the logo to enter the site.
151) The article refers to the number of interesting experiments.
152) The art co-refers to a number of very interesting experiments.
153) Those who seek for formal extension should contact their faculty for information.
154) Candidate students have to hand in the dissertation during this week.
155) Scientists addressed a number of very interesting experiments.
156) The subject was complex and hard to explain.
157) Students are afraid of writing essays because they’ve never learned how.
158) Student afraid of writing an essay, because they don’t know how to do that.
159) Many students are so scared of writing essays because they never learned how to write one.
160) Every student has the right and ability to succeed.

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