160 The Most Repeated PTE WFD Questions

1) Animals raised in captivity behave differently with their wild counterparts. 2) While reconciliation is desirable, the basic underlying issue must first be addressed. 3) Climate change is becoming an […]

Strategies for PTE Reading- Multiple-choice, choose single answer

Read the question. Understand it. It may ask you to identify the writer’s “opinion” or main idea or view Read the text with purpose in mind and understand it Look […]

Strategies for Multiple-choice, choose single answer Listening

• Skim the question and answer options • Mostly it will be about specifics or overview • Listen to understand the topic with purpose of question

Strategies Reading & Writing – fill in the blanks

Skim for overall meaning to help choose the right word Read before and after the spaces to identify the correct word Think about words that you often see or hear […]