EXAM Recall: 06/09/19

Twin sisters have different views on their parents
Evidence of water on Mars

Her lecture is very interesting and sustainable.

You should submit …. at the end of the month.

Pet cost
Full-time part-time income for men and women

Malaysia Tourism

Stone surface copy mark removal

large mall and small shops

300 million dollars to build a house.

Fiber is 30 times cheaper than others.

British MBA students give up their degrees because of bad economy.

Information technology development, leading to student attendance
Instructor is responsible.

VR technology: Doctors can operate remotely.

Ugly British architecture: I don’t know if it’s new.

Limited resource: limited human capacity What is your vehicles or cars.

mutually exclusive events can be describe as neither complementary nor opposite.
you need to purchase an academic gown for commencement.

Evaluation forms will be reviewd by university personnel.

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