Exam Recall: 15th-Oct-2020

The latest scientific evidence on the nature and strength of the links between diet and chronic diseases is examined and discussed in detail in the following sections of this report. This section gives an overall view of the current situation and trends in chronic diseases at the global level.

Augustus was given the powers of an absolute monarch, but he presented himself as the preserver of republican traditions. He treated the Senate, or state council, with great respect, and was made Consul year after year. He successfully reduced the political power of the army by retiring many soldiers, but giving them land or money to keep their loyalty.

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πŸ“ŒDI: Bar Graph, Employment Rate in UK

πŸ“ŒRL: Shy fish
πŸ“ŒASQ: telescope, dentist, piano, horizon, milk, thesaurus

πŸ“ŒSWT: Malaysia Tourism & Frog Amber
πŸ“ŒWE: it is often argued that travel is overrated, and there are many brilliant scholars who study locally. Is travel necessary to attain a higher education.
πŸ“ŒRO: pilot
πŸ“ŒSST: Indian Peasant Debt(2οΌ‰, Genetic Impact
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Many cities are actively working on ways to reduce air pollution.
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