Exam Recall: 24th-Dec-2019

Read a Loud:
New and manageable, Shakespeare, England, Global warming, CO2 emission

RS: 3-4 long ones but did well. Most of them were new.

Artist tied with conservative…

British students must….

Statistics and economics….

Chemistry building….

Retell lecture:

Mother and child…
Green revolution
Honey and athletics


Malaysia tourism,
Voting compulsion,
NOC (sea exploitation)

Essay: Global problem solution.

R/W FIB: few repeated.
English Literature.

FIB: I practiced around 600 FIBs and I had about 4 repeated. Egg-snake, political leaders, reading habits,

RO: One repeated (Rails), One new

Implicit explicit memory

MCMA – 4 or 5 questions, strange…

HIW: One of them was extremely difficult

LFIB: Choice, green (greenhouse), salted, spade


The theme of the instrumental work exhibits more demur compositional style.

I thought it was thrown in the small meeting room.

In the past, people ate vary different food.

I was looking to my closet for something to were but I couldn’t find ……….. occasion.

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