Exam Recall: 7th-Aug-2020


RA: Public Demand for Education
RS: some were short and rest were long and little tough
World Income Distribution and Poverty Line in 1970 and 1990

Tree Growth Rings

Water Cycle in Nature

Trading Goods in Ancient Egypt
RL: Low Birth rate

Columbus, Noble peace prize – youtube
ESSAY: The formal written examination can be a valid method to assess students’ learning. To what extent do you
agree or disagree?


R/W FIB: Burger King

READING FIB: Stock of Australian housing

RO: Carbon Pricing in Canada, Mother of Storms


SST: Earthquake and Fault, Market Economy all audios in YouTube.


You can contact all your tutor by email.
University department carefully monitored articles and other publications by the faculty.
There is a separate reading list for each course.
Everyone must evacuate the premises during the fire drill.

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