Exam Recalls 26th to 31st March-2019

Exam Recall: 26th March 2019: India


Summarize written text:
1. Save nature

1. Medical technology has increased average life expectancy. Is it curse or blessing?

2. Some people thinks creativity is by birth whereas others say it can be taught and developed. Give opinion.

Exam Recall: 26th March 2019: India – Banglore


Read aloud all new.
Di all new except one image tree trunk.allother line and bargraph was easy.
Repeat was easy except 3 was long.
Short answer was new but easy.
Retell all new. Except one which was Einstein theory of universe.



new about traditional mode of teaching vs learning by doing.opinion essay.


one repeated compulsory voting.other 2 was new but easy one.


All new. RO also new one.


SST one repeated novelist story.other 2 new.
WFD 2 repeated.

Exam Recall: 27th March 2019: Hyderabad – India


rhino distribution –repeated
World map with highest and lowest temperatures
library with features(near shopping mall)
other are usual graphs

repeat sentences: got 8 .some are bit lengthy.looks like all are new and not repeated

Retell lecture:
Don’t remember one retell lecture(it tell about greenery on other planet) which is video

other one is about frog with pie chart given 60 % normal limbs and other 20% irregular limbs and about how they live in water and whether the water is contaminated and affecting human being.


2 swts:
employee who are overqualified for which employer might not be happy and how he can be given good position in organization by not letting him quit

Indian surpassing united stated in innovation and programming skills.

2 essays:
How widely do you think the problem spreads that people spend too much time on work than their personal life and experience time shortage? What problems will it cause?

University students can learn academics through various sources like online,teacher,library etc..wHich of them are reliable present you views.


all new FIB and FIB very simple and short(they are more or less like macmillans practice test fibs).dont think they are repeated.

reorder: process of blood flow to heart and clot happening (simple)
2nd one is bit tough..don’t remember
didn’t get any multiple choice multiple answers
got 3 multiple choice single answer(2 are easy and one is tough(about psychology)

laughing or humour and its advantages(giving us self respect and all)
new technologies to combat water crisis(using nanotechnology)

rest of the section I don’t remember


1 is every simple and other 2 missed

Exam Recall: 27th March 2019: Australia – Sydney


Frog amber in Mexico
Australia equity and quality

Medical technology increase average life expectancy moving from rural areas to big cities for more opportunity.


Definition of risk and safe

Animals raised in captivity behave differently than their counterparts
Review all sources before drawing any conclusions
I thought we would meet in the small meeting room

Exam Recall: 27th March 2019: Australia – Melbourne


SWT: India and US comparative advantage.

Teachers plan their teaching.

Essay: learning and employment



1 .consequences of keeping drugs (medicines) at home

2. Peasants borrow money for seeds and pesticides.

WFD: 2 new and 2 old.

Exam Recall: 28th March 2019: India

RS is bit long be careful while attempting
Retell lecture : Research of prof on educational system.



1 Voting
2 quality or equity in education

Essay :

1. view on govt funding regarding arts music
2. Universities deducting marks for late submission of works

Exam Recall: 31st March 2019: India


Describe Image:

Simple circuit of battery and light
Four trees with different heights
Temperature and rainfall change
Employee rates in Australia

Retell Lecture:
New Hampshire Uni water cage system
Venus Keywords: 1965 1967 Marina extremely hot


Columbus and Tainos
International trading
Plug in vehicle

Education from schools or learn from life experience, which one is more effective?


Re-order paragraph:

-Why students attend university abroad
-superpower and energy power

FIB & FIB reading writing
-Corns and toxic herbicides
-Japanese wreck ship

Exam Recall: 31st March 2019: Dubai


Repeat sentence- short and easy
DI – export->Ancient Egypt->import, population growth in New York City, Bachelor graduates, Biotechnology firms with Pie chart other simple ones.
Retell – logger head turtle and others new


SWT – felt like all 3 new
Essay – Voice your opinion on Life experiences Vs book reading or formal education


FIB – dairy forms, don’t remember others
ROP -2 new don’t remember exactly, 1 Railway Development


SST– globalization, wildlife.

1. The massive accumulation of data is converted into a communicable argument.
2. The application process is longer than expected.
3. The sociology department is highly regarded worldwide.

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