Prediction List -7: Dec-2019: Read Aloud

Australian English
Australians do speak English, however, for some tourists and travelers, it can be difficult to understand the
slang. Also, the links between Australian and American English were seen to be very tenuous. At least some
colloquialisms in Australian English does not exist in other types of English.

Statistical Information
The provision of accurate and authoritative statistical information strengthens modern societies. It provides a
basis for decisions to be made on such things as where to open schools and hospitals, how much money to
spend on welfare payments and even which football players to replace at half-time.

Electric Car
First-year university students have designed and built a groundbreaking electric car that recharges itself. Fifty
students from the University of Sydney‘s Faculty of Engineering spent five months working together bits of
plywood, foam and fiberglass to build the concept car. They developed the specifications and hand built the
car. It’s a pretty radical design: a four-wheel drive with a motor in each wheel.

Shrimp farmers used to hold animals in nursery ponds for 30 to 60 days; now they try to move them into growout
ponds in less than 30 days. This reduces stress on the animals and dramatically increases survivals in the
grow-out ponds. Many farms that abandoned nursery ponds have gone back to them, and the results have
been surprisingly positive. They’re using the old, uncovered, earthen, nursery ponds.

Environmental Policy Course
Along with customary classes on subjects such as finance, accounting, and marketing, today’s MBA students
are enrolling on courses for environmental policy and stewardship. Indeed, more than half of business schools
require a course in environmental sustainability or corporate social responsibility, according to a survey of 91
US business schools, published in October 2005.

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