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Reading Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer - 08

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The chemical formula of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is now well established. The molecule is a very long chain, the backbone of which consists of a regular alternation of sugar and phosphate groups. To each sugar is attached a nitrogenous base, which can be of four different types. Two of the possible bases—adenine and guanine—are pureness, and the other two—thymine and cytosine —are pyrimidines. So far as is known, the sequence of bases along the chain is irregular. The monomer unit, consisting of phosphate, sugar and base, is known as a nucleotide. The first feature of our structure which is of biological interest is that it consists not of one chain, but of two. These two chains are both coiled around a common fiber axis. It has often been assumed that since there was only one chain in the chemical formula there would only be one in the structural unit. However, the density, taken with the X-ray evidence, suggests very strongly that there are two.


In the paragraph , what do the authors claim to be a feature of biological interest?

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In linguist, a corpus (plural corpora) is a large and structured set of texts (now usually electronic ally stored and proc eased). A corpus may be used to help Jingoists to analyses a language, or for the purpose of dictionary writing or language teaching, The British National Corpus (BNC) is a 10O-"million-"word text corpus of samples of written and spoken English from a wide range of sources. The corpus covers British English of the late twentieth century from a wide variety of genres with the intention that it be a representahve sample of spoken and written British English of that time.


What is a corpus according to text?

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A new survey reveals that a family sit-down at dinnertime may reduce a teenagers risk of trying or using alcohol~ cigarettes and drugs. The study surveyed more than 1,000 teens and found that those who dined with their families five to seven times a week were four times less likely to use alcohol tobacco or marijuana than those who ate with their families fewer than three times a week. A recent UK survey also found that dining together as a family is a key ingredient in ensuring a child happiness, Children in the survey reported higher levels of happiness when they dined together with their families at least three times a week. "Contrary to the popular belief that children only want to spend Brno playing video games or watching TV said researcher Dr, Maris alcove of the University of Essex, e found that they were most happy when inter change with their parents or siblings.


what would be the best title for the given text?

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For the first time, dictionary publishers are incorporating real, spoken English into their data, It gives lexicographers (people who write dictionaries) access to a more vibrant, up-to-date vernacular language which has never really been studied before. In one project, 150 volunteers each agreed to discreetly tie a Walkman recorder to their waist and leave it running for anything up to two weeks Every conversation they had was recorded. When the data was collected, the length of tapes was 35 times the depth of the Atlantic Ocean. Teams of audio typists transcribed the tapes to produce a comp tensed database of ten million words.


Which would be most suitable heading for the paragraph?

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The attitude of the scientific community towards the unconscious mind has shifted dramatically in recent years. While once viewed as a lazy reservoir of memories and non-task oriented behavior the unconscious is now regarded as an active and essential component in the processes of decision making, Historically, the unconscious mind was considered to be the source of dreams and implicit memory (which allows people to walk or ride a bicycle without consciously thinking about the activity), as well as the storing place for memories of past experiences. But recent research reveals that the unconscious brain might also be an active player in decision-making, problem solving. creativity and critical thinking. One familiar example of the operation of the unconscious in problem solving is the well-known phenomenon of the ~eureka moment" when a solution to a problem presents itself without the Involvement of active thinking.


What would be the most suitable title for the passage?

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