Exam Recall: 15th-Oct-2020

đź“ŚRA:The latest scientific evidence on the nature and strength of the links between diet and chronic diseases is examined and discussed in detail in the following sections of this report. […]

Exam Recall: 19th-Oct-2020

RA:people eat fastfood … unrap….dig up …RS:a demonstrated ability in writing clear, consice english is… ASQ: dentist WE:schools around the world assess students with written examinationSST:Stanford school of management RWFIB:bad […]

Exam Recall: 1st-Oct-2020

Speaking: Read Aloud:-All new Repeat sentences:-All new, but short and manageable Describe Image:-One repeated: Average activity through different generation table (Z-Genration)-Rest all are new. Retell lecture:-3- all new Writing:-All are […]

Exam Recall: 5th-Oct-2020

Essay: modern mass communicationsSWT: skipping breakfastRetell Lecture: wilsonFIB RW: Burger KingWFD: All industries input, output, process and feedback.Chemistry students Will do an additional module this year.

Exam Recall: 08th-Sept-2020

Speaking: Read aloud: Japanese tea ceremonyRepeat sentence: your tutor is here for help, please do ask if you don’t understand anythingsandwich with onion and cheese other all short and easyRetell […]