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PTE Writing section includes one of the important tasks which is writing an essay. PTE academics mostly asked argumentative essay or problem and its solution type of essay of two hundred to three hundred words within 20 minutes of time. For many PTE aspirants, this task is difficult to concur and achieve their desired score. This post drills down the basic paragraph structure for problem and its solution type of essay. PTE Sprinters provides below structure paragraphs for writing an essay with a sample. While writing an essay, one should also take care of spellings and grammatical mistakes and flow of the essay. These enabling skill are crucial when we talk about PTE essay writing as well as other PTE writing tasks. 


Grammarly to review PTE Writing:

Most of the PTE aspirants don’t have anyone who can review their essay or any other writing tasks. Grammarly is free plugin/software/tool which can be helpful to review PTE writing task. It also tries to solve the problem of how to review the essay or any other PTE writing tasks with Grammarly. Detail about how to use Grammarly plugin/software to review and identify mistakes. Grammarly comes as an online version, plugin in chrome and plugin in words with many features in the free version. Grammarly help to identify the spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes and syntactical correction in a sentence. Also, it provides the suggestions for better word choices. Most of PTE aspirants make mistakes in spelling, grammar or syntactical. 


PTE Essay Paragraphs:

PTE academics essay should be written in four paragraphs in a timely manner. Each paragraph comes with its own purpose. It becomes essential to write down the essay to the prompt and rhythm.

A paragraph should be written with, beginning sentence, then adding supporting details with examples. And finally, with a closing sentence. So, let’s begin writing an essay on a problem and its solutions.


Introduction: 3 minutes

Introduce the topic, here you simply need to paraphrase the topic sentence and write advantages of it. Then after, you need to add a generic sentence about the topic. And, then after you need to introduce how the problem it causes.

Paragraph-1: 3 minutes

Here in the first paragraph, you need to talk about the what is the root cause of the problem. Then how, the problem has risen.

Paragraph-2: 3 minutes

Here, in the second paragraph, you need to write about what can be done to resolve the problem. Also, talk about the solution and points to consider while solving the problem.

Conclusion: 3 minutes

In the last you need conclude the essay with what you already discussed in above two paragraphs. How the problem was introduced and solve it.


Essay Topic:

The environment we are living in is in danger due to various problems. So who do u think should be responsible to solve it? Is it the governments, organization or each individual?

Draft essay: 4 minutes

Before writing Essay, one should make rough draft which can help to collect idea and discussion topic. This will help to represent the essay in cohesive manners which will help to achieve better-written discourse points. This will help to collect the ideas and flows. Sample rough draft is shown below to get understanding of how to write essay and review with Grammarly.

World weather changes

Advantages/good about Better place to live
Generic statement Suitable weather
Problem it causing Polluting climate
What causing problem air, water, land, pollution
Challenges arise Ozone layer depletion, global warning
What can be done Create laws necessary
Solution More trees, reduce all pollution
Points to consider Develop technology that reduces climate
Conclude how steps solve the issue Measure will reduce problem


Sample Written Essay:

The environment we are living on earth provides immense pool of resource to live. All species on earth are sufficient with the resources necessary to fulfil life on earth and human evolution is prospering at its best in these climate. This has however led to various environmental issues due to human intervention. In this essay, I will discuss these problems and explore possible solutions.

The problem of climate pollution on earth environment is mainly caused by the technological advancement. This has led to negatively affecting earth environment in terms of air, water, land pollution. The pollution of any kind is hampering climate and increasing imbalance in environment. There are increased instances of pollution on earth environment due to human intervention.

It’s about the time this issue of the environment pollution is addressed by the government. As solution to this, necessary laws need to place for industrial governance in order to reduce air, land and water pollution. It is very important that along with these more alternative needs to think about cleaning air, water and land.

In conclusion, such conscious and collective steps can help to reduce the imbalance in how the environment and at the same time improve the environment.


Sample Errors with Grammarly:

Use tool like Grammarly to identify the mistakes. This tool will help you to understand the errors which are getting repeated. Sample example is given below for reference.



Review the essay: 4 minutes

You must save some time to review the essay. This is the crucial time and identify the errors done while writing essay. Here, is the time when PTE Journal will help you to keep noting down one’s error and mistakes while practicing essay.


PTE Journal provided by PTE Sprinters is another tool which can help here to note down the mistakes identified in terms of spelling, grammar, and review on a daily basis so that one is aware of their weak areas and overcome on those.


Few essays on Problem and solutions for practice:

  1. There is a global issue of climate change. What are the roles that the government, companies, and Individuals can play to solve the problem?
  2. The environment we are living in is in danger due to various problems. Who do u think should be responsible for solving it? Is it the governments, the organization or the individual?


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