50-Prediction List-3: Dec-2019: Repeat Sentence

101.I will be in my office every day from 11 o’clock to 2 o’clock.
102.Your tutor is there for help, so do ask if you don’t understand anything.
103.You are required to submit the assignment before Friday.
104.I don’t understand what the comment on my essay means at all.
105.Our fundamental realities, especially national needs, have seen the ability to flourish.
106.Our university has strong partnerships with industry as well as collaborative relationships with government
107.The United States has the maximum production of chocolate.
108.The current statistical evidence indicates the need for further research.
109.Anatomy is the study of internal and external body structures.
110.Those reference books are too old, while the others are OK.
111.You can only choose one subject from biology and chemistry.
112.The student service center is located on the main campus behind the library.
113.The timetable will be posted on the website before the class starts.
114.The program depends entirely on private funding.
115.I can give you a hand if you need help.
116.If you want to sell your book, it must have a bibliography.
117.It is now acknowledged that his work is groundbreaking.
118.Since the problems we face are global, we need to find global solutions.
119.If she doesn’t speak the language, she will not sit around and wait for a translator.

120.Exam results will be available next week on the course website.
121.Hypothetically, insufficient mastery in these areas slows future progress.
122.Our school of Arts and Technology accepts applications at all points throughout the year.
123.There are a range of housing options near the university.
124.The new English class will start next Monday morning.
125.All sources of materials must be included in your bibliography.
126.Negative discourse continues to be predominant in discussions about gender.
127.She told the faculty to be very supportive.
128.This lecture was meant to start at ten.
129.His objection to include scientific evidence has brought a lot of criticism to him.
130.Many undergraduate students go back home and stay with their parents after graduation.
131.The country’s economy is primarily based on tourism.
132.Students who wish to apply for an extension should approach their tutors.
133.The generic biology technology lab is located at the North Wing of the library.
134.The older equipment has been put at the back of the building.
135.We want to attract the very best students regardless of their financial circumstances.
136.I will need to make sure the school principal knows about the changes.
137.We will need to make sure the school principal knows about the changes.
138.Make sure the Financial Director knows the full details of the Pay Agreement.
139.Expertise in particular areas distinguishes you from other graduates.
140.We didn’t mean to ask him to do it because he cannot manage it.
141.I could not save my work as my computer crashed.
142.In my free time, I would like to read current affairs and newspapers.
143.In English, the first letter of the months of the year are always capitalized.
144.This hypothesis on the black hole is rendered moot as the explanation for the explosion.
145.Is hypothesis on black hole rendered moot as the explanation of astrophysics?
146.Most of the lectures begin promptly, so do not be late.
147.Your enrollment information, results and fees will be available online.
148.Students will not be given credits for assignments submitted after the due date.
149.Students should book a library tour in the first week of the first semester.
150.More muscles are used in swimming than other sports.

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